this musical story spans over 26 years.
it started in 1996 in the czeck republic on a cold winter 10-day exploration of the human voice. several years later, after many diverse “ life-mystery”-experiences, on several continents, i started to offer the 5Rhythms® movement meditation in 2004.
the musical story has it’s roots in me offering more than 1200 evening and weekendsessions in the timespan from 2004 until present. weekly, monthly classes with dancers, from 6 regular visitors up to 144. weekend workshops in the swiss alps, in austria, italy, spain, greece, germany, turkey and sporadical events in holland, france, emirates, singapore and thailand.
since i have been a musician, starting in 1974, the live music offerings of the 5Rhythms® has added an extra dimension to my musical language and life itself. alone, supported by loops and keyboard i use trumpet, didgeridoo, djembe and percussion to add diversity to the musical journey intended. with fellow musicians, mostly in a duo setting we have explored more then 300 events/evenings within those 16 years of “grounding the practice”.
the musical story presented in this “package” is the sum of all my musical experiences connected to the spiritual practice of the 5Rhythms®. the “only” picture and “small” intention i had before i started, was to use a little of the energy created on Gabrielle Roth’s recording/cd “initiation” plus use a little of an electronic touch.


as you will experience, the musical landscape presented is rather endless with focus on mood and groove instead of fixed melodies and songs.
all material has been recorded by myself, using a surdo, standtom, two djembes, shakers, a slide didgeridoo, rainstick, chekere, trumpet, fluegelhorn, flute, jews harp and my nord lead 3 keyboard. i also used some processing from my kyma system (symbolic sound) plus effects from eventide & lexicon.
i did the editing and mixed in logic pro.
in the summer of 2020 pratibha and frederik did add their musical expressions to the project, me traveling to holland and denmark on my way to native sweden, the summer of my mothers funeral.
the name of this project is “rest in peace” and is dedicated to my beloved mother birgitta lord/ lindvall. she will have a place in my heart until my last breath on this earth.
the title “rest in peace” does not necessarily suggest to rest and wait, more inviting you to be responsible in your doings, to be more fully present in your actions and for sure seek support and help in the different settings you engage in, in a way that supports your heart. for me this path has been blessed with the flexible structure of the 5Rhythms® which i still engage in and offer on a regular basis.
take your truthful action and let your being stay resting in a peaceful place.

atmo lars

Atmo001 Atmo0002 Atmo3
didgeridoo Frederik Prathiba
Trompete Trompete2 Trommel Trommel2 Trompete3 Keybord

1. Pre flow or still flow
Cosmic docking station, mother,
birth = earth arrival & breathe existence. Pre flow or still flow


2. Flow
Being body, breath and movement in my space
grounding your energy.

3. Staccatto
On a journey with the body, breath and movement experiencing rhythm! 


4. Chaos
Live it, i am living it!

5. Lyrical
Resolved into...  melted into...Lyrical


6. Stillness




rest in peace music is offered as a whole piece of music.
duration: 1 hour & 46 minutes

or can be purchased as single parts, presented in this overview.

Background pattern  Description automatically generated  1. (pre flow, or still flow)

Dockingstation = Mother, Birth & Breath
Cosmic docking station, mother, birth = earth arrival & breath.
existence (docking ship)

opening eyes! (opening eyes to life).

A picture containing text, different, row, group  Description automatically generated  2. (flow 1 & 2)

Being    (being body, breath and movement in my space)

grounding your energy

A close-up of a painting  Description automatically generated with low confidence  3. (stacc 1 & 2)

On A Journey    (with body, breath and movement on this earth, relating)

you experiencing rhythm!

A picture containing colorful, painted, decorated  Description automatically generated  4. (chaos)

live it, i am living it!

4. 1 & 2: slowly getting into it!

soft chaos in a circus wagon!
4. 3 & 4: accepting/acknowledging a little bit of naive circus-energy into your chaos.
(also a not so serious chaos= circus chaos, children chaos)

4. 5 & 6 & 7


A picture containing plant  Description automatically generated  5.  (lyrical 1 & 2 & 3 & 4)

Resolved into... melted into...

Background pattern  Description automatically generated  6.  (stillness)

Hm... oh... (with an insight), returning...

A link to listen to short sections of all above parts

A link to download my music

For alternative song format or to download parts, write me:

here are links to videos which were done to document the created energy in my regularly held events:

- dancing expression with live music: blue & orange series

- live music happenings in luzern, freiburg, singapore, holland & bodrum

- our musical moments:  patrik zosso & lars lindvall  duo music, using accoustic and generated sound sources

credits “Rest in Peace":
voice - pratibha
drums - frederik kroon
support: Anastasi Mavrides, David Springborg,
Forian Haas-Schneider, Kit Walker & Frank Schmidt
photo’s: Chandra
inspiratory art: Shivananda Heinz Ackermann
webrealisation: hd & atmo               
may 2022  © & ®


shortly after the passing of my beloved mother birgitta lord/lindvall in spring 2020, my heart gave me the insight and i felt energy to start this project. i had extended my collection of drum/djembe/percussion-instruments earlier but when the first lockdown hit switzerland and the world, i set them up in a new way and started to record.
in summer 2020, on my way to meet up for the funeral in sweden, i could visit holland and denmark and record with frederik and pratibha. with frederik, “keeping the shutdown rules”, we offered a small dance event. both recordings, with frederik and pratibha, took place in a home-setting where the main focus was on being truthful and spontaneous. their recordings as well as my recording with the drums/percussion plus all trumpet recordings were done in a time span within a few hours. the fluegelhorn, flute, jews harp and some of the smaller percussion stuff, plus recording my nord lead, was done in a very short time.

why the time span, from start to end, is rather long is because the ideas, edits, development needs to be felt and kind of lived and digested and, that i am engaged in many other musical/dance persuits.